Inbound AV Partners with Music Marketing to Provide XCHANGE API Integration

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Inbound AV has partnered with Music Marketing to offer XCHANGE API integration for pro audio retailers. The integration allows retailers to offer immediate fulfillment of XCHANGE orders from their website — a service previously only available to a few select Resellers.

After successfully completing integration for a few select Resellers, Inbound AV and Music Marketing are now making API integration available to all XCHANGE Resellers. The integration work can be completed in as little as four (4) business days and the one-item project cost starts at $795.

Once retailers integrate their ecommerce stores with XCHANGE, they’ll have access to sell more than 3,000 software products online. As orders are placed on the retailer’s website, the API works behind the scenes to contact XCHANGE and fulfill the order immediately. It’s an efficient user experience that will increase sales and keep customers coming back. As well, resellers enjoy the advantages of unlimited stock with no warehousing or shipping headaches.

Learn more about XCHANGE API Integration by Inbound AV.