For Vendors and Creators

Pro Audio, Video, Musical Instrument Vendors

The pressures you face as a manufacturer or vendor in the pro audio and video space are extreme. Transactions are moving away from retail locations and, increasingly, taking place online. That shift puts new demands on your retailers, and opens up the possibility for vendors, creators, builders and manufacturers to sell direct to consumers.

In a digital marketplace, the organization that has the consumer data will be the organization that gets and keeps the customers. Today, your retailers are closest to the end users of your product — as such, they are best positioned to collect data on those customers. But you can change that dynamic with the launch of your inbound marketing program.

The holder of customer data wins

Data collection is a primary function of inbound marketing. Once you begin compiling information on your customers, you can:

  • Share it with your retailers to make them more successful
  • Position yourself now for potentially selling direct-to-consumers in the future

This is why inbound marketing is critical to your organization.