For Software Companies

Pro audio software vendors

An increasingly digital marketplace opens up game-changing opportunity for you as a software vendor. And inbound marketing is the most effective means of tapping into that opportunity.

Software vendors are in a unique position. While hardware manufacturers have strong retailer resistance to their selling direct, software companies do not have such limitations. This dynamic puts you in the enviable position of being able to grow your direct sales without retailer pushback.

We find that while many software vendors are quite adept at building a cutting-edge, digital sales platform, there is marketing technology that can significantly increase your sales.

Through inbound marketing, you’ll collect critical customer information — what pages they view on your website, what links they click on in your emails, etc. You’ll use that information to:

  • Send highly personalized, high-converting offers
  • Identify content topics that will attract more of the same type of customers
  • Identify content topics that will solidify your relationship with existing customers

Whether you want to increase online exposure, sell more product direct to new audiences, or create upsells from current customers, you can do it with inbound marketing. And if you don’t, your competitors will.

Today, at this stage of the game, inbound marketing is critical to your organization.