Inbound Marketing Packages

Marketing Automation Software Installation 

Heatmapping Software Installation

Access to Inbound AV Knowledge Base

Email Program Assessment

Customized Reporting Dashboard

Site Assessment

Monthly Metrics Analysis

Strategy: Personalized Calls per Month

Suggested Monthly Deliverables

(customized to business needs)

Deep-Dive Discovery Session

1x Onboarding

Monthly Retainer



Not Available



2 Standalone Emails

1 Landing Page Content

1 Email Sequence every other month





4 Standalone Emails

1 Landing Page Content

1 Email Sequence or Contest Monthly





4 Standalone Emails

1 Landing Page Content

2 Email Sequences Monthly

2 Trade Show Programs Annually







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Marketing Automation Software
Marketing automation software monitors how your prospects interact with your content. You then use that information to design effective campaigns to engage them and convert them into customers. Campaigns can involve video, text or graphic content on your website, social media or via email. The software includes reporting to track progress against your marketing goals.

Heatmapping Software
Heatmapping software records where people click on your website and how they interact with different elements on your webpages. We use heatmapping to uncover easy website optimizations that can increase conversion rates.

Inbound AV Knowledge Base
​The Inbound AV Knowledge Base consists of proprietary videos and downloadable guides on inbound marketing.

Email Assessment Program
We will review how you're getting new subscribers to your email list and how you're communicating with those subscribers. Our assessment will include at least five actionable steps you can take to improve the performance of your email marketing program.

Customized Reporting Dashboard
Your Inbound AV team will create a real-time reporting dashboard based on your key performance metrics. You'll have 24/7 access to a snapshot of your program's performance.

Site Assessment
A functional website is a crucial component of an effective inbound program. We'll review your website in detail and identify user experience problems that are preventing conversions.

Monthly Metrics Analysis
Your inbound strategist will analyze your inbound performance and provide a written narrative of the key takeaways, including trends and action items, for that month.  

Strategy Calls
More frequent interaction with your Inbound AV strategist drives faster results. Your strategist will share insights on performance, identify conversion obstacles and recommend optimizations for your campaigns.

Content Creation
Content creation is a necessary part of inbound marketing. Inbound AV can guide your internal resources through the creation process, or we can do that work for you.

Deep-Dive Discovery Session
A deep-dive discovery session is critical to the development of a successful inbound marketing program. Inbound AV will lead you through the process of defining your target audience and the steps they take to make purchasing decisions. That information then informs the structure of your inbound marketing: what content we create and where we publish that content to move your prospects through the sales funnel.

Onboarding includes set up, installation and testing of marketing automation software programs, and initial client discovery to ensure program aligns with business goals.