Join Inbound Audio Video CEO and MI industry marketing expert Peter Malick, along with the email platform powerhouse, ActiveCampaign, at NAMM 2018! With special presentations and individual sessions, learn first hand how to take your Pro Audio marketing up to 11​!

Be sure to ​visit us at booth 14013!

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Marketing Strategy with 

Peter Malick

ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation Demo

Michelle Schulp, Lead Design Partner, Inbound AV

Website Tuneup Audit with Michelle Schulp

Peter Malick, Inbound AV CEO presents 6 steps to supercharge your email marketing

See us present at NAMM

The Top 7 Ways to Increase Online Sales

Friday, January 26 — 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Anaheim C.C., NAMM Idea Center (Hall C Lobby)

In this session, Peter Malick of Inbound Audio Video will provide a roadmap to generate more revenue online. You’ll leave with seven actionable techniques and technologies to grow your business.

Retail Web Design: Small Decisions for a Huge Impact

Friday, January 26 — 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm

Anaheim C.C., NAMM Idea Center (Hall C Lobby)

In this hard-hitting session, Michelle Schulp, website developer and lead designer for Inbound Audio Video, will help you identify your website’s primary call to action and create online experiences that support that goal.

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