Meet Our Team


Prior to Inbound Audio Video, Peter served as Chief Marketing Officer for Pro Audio retailer Westlake Pro. He is CVO of Mr. Cat Music, which manages his music catalog and owned Chess-Volt Recording Studio in Los Angeles.

From a side hustle building custom PCs in 1991, to his first attempts at digital music production in 2000, to his full immersion in the Inbound Marketing world, Peter has always embraced technology with a passion.

Under his marketing leadership at Westlake Pro, the business grew by nearly 50% a year in 2015 and 2016. Factoid: Peter’s composition Strange Transmissions (Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones) was the first music ever bundled with a mobile phone. In 2004, Malick’s production of Strange Transmissions was included with the Nokia 6230i (semi) smart phone worldwide.

As a manager and entrepreneur Peter has held eclectic positions including: Owner and President, Chess-Volt Recording Studios, Van Nuys, CA 2006-2009; Co-Founder, Luxury Wafers Indie Music Blog and Label 2008-2015; and Chief Marketing Officer, Westlake Pro, Universal City, CA 2013-2017.

Peter Malick

Founder and CEO

Vlad Dascalu is a seasoned strategist with experience from internationally renowned advertising agencies, most notably Sid Lee, Grip Limited and Lowe Roche. Vlad has played pivotal roles in engaging customers from legacy brands (such as: adidas, Absolut Vodka, Honda) and new brands built from a blank canvas (such as: Blue Goose, Chirps, tentree).

Vlad also instituted an award winning branding and digital development agency called FutureFuture and led the vision and direction of both the agency and its clients as Head of Strategy. There he worked with innovative startups predominantly from technology and the social sector.

He’s now working on a Virtual Reality technology that allowing content creators, brands and marketers to deliver interactive Virtual Reality experiences to anyone in the world via direct mail.

Vlad Dascalu

Brand Strategy Partner

Inbound AV Pro Audio Staff Writer, Barry M Rivman, has a diverse background in music, including classical training on violin and piano; music theory and history at The Juiliard School; guitar studies with jazz greats Harry Leahy and Frank Mullen; and recording and synthesis at the New School in Manhattan. Prior to coming to Inbound AV, Barry was a pro audio staff writer for Sweetwater Sound, senior staff writer at Musician’s Friend, and freelance pro audio writer for several top pro audio retailers and studio integrators. A producer, engineer, mixer, and arranger, Barry also owns Sound Suite Studios in Medford, Oregon.

Barry Rivman

Staff Writer
shannon_morales 1

Shannon is a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 10 years of project management experience in a vast array of industries. The common threads woven through her experience are innovation, discovery, and dedication to the customer. Her attention to detail on every project is driven by her organization skills and drive to succeed. It was only natural for her to combine her communication and people skills with her drive to get things done, on time, on budget and surpassing expectations.

Having worked in retail to supply chain, and for profit to non-profits, Shannon has a breadth of business acumen and project experience that she brought to the digital market place. She has achieved success with marketing projects for a leading consumer website and taken a failing eCommerce business to outstanding successes in just six months. Whether developing a project team, strategizing with clients, or working with customers, she is most at home when she is able to develop strong professional relationships.

Shannon is a natural project manager that brings new ideas and ways of thinking to the table. Never shying away from tall orders or challenging goals, she is motivated by them. She thrives to continuously improve through self-evaluation, bringing a balance of perspective, passion, and experience to every project.

Shannon Morales

Marketing Project Manager
Kevin Jacob Moore Headshot

Kevin Jacob is a digital marketing specialist with a healthy obsession for brand messaging and audience perspective. He has experience in many areas of digital marketing including SEO, sales funnels, lead capture, traffic automation, paid advertisements, social media, etc.

Kevin’s marketing journey began at a young age and quickly resulted in a never-ending desire to learn and develop. He was introduced to the world of mobile application marketing working with companies such as Appstack and Puzzle Piece.

Along with contributing to the growth of numerous companies, he also has shown to utilize his growing knowledge base to undergo personal business ventures. To better test his strategies, he began developing websites for both ecommerce sales and niche specific lead capture. Now Kevin focuses greatly on consumer experience and how particular interaction may strengthen the connection between companies and their clientele.

Kevin Jacob Moore

Digital Marketing Specialist

Juline is an adaptable Project Manager with a chronic customer service habit. She has a passion for blending business, technical and people management skills for successful project execution.

Juline’s background has provided her with over 20 years’ combined experience in both brick and mortar retail and e-commerce. By blending both of these worlds, she is able to bring a unique perspective to product merchandising, user experience and project management. Her past responsibilities have allowed her to demonstrate large scale planning, process refinement, budget execution, partnership cultivation and multi-functional collaboration.

Her career path began working at Nordstrom and subsequently Lakeshore Learning Materials where she perpetuated servant leadership by building, mentoring and motivating teams. Today she still finds great value in creating a connection between employees and business initiatives. It is Juline’s goal to continually evolve, grow and improve with a positive and healthy perspective.

Juline Fujii

Chief Operating Officer

Joshua is a full stack senior web developer with 20+ years experience. His knowledge of the web encompasses nearly every aspect from eCommerce and security to brand development, UI and design. He thrives on co-creating and exploring potential ideas and helping people implement them whether through consultation or direct involvement. He has a penchant for pixel perfect design and cutting edge tech.

His personal interests include the development of automated analysis and trading of the crypto currency market using machine learning and genetic algorithms. As a true digital nomad, Joshua travels the world exploring new places and ideas. When not coding he can be found snowboarding and canyoneering.

Joshua Savage

Senior Web Developer

Kiley is a highly creative and multi-talented Senior Digital Marketing Project Manager with a background additionally in Graphic Design. Rounding out her 12 years of experience she has extensive focus on market research, Project Management and a strong Digital knowledge base. Kiley has worked on large scale website redesign projects in several industries as well as other large digital projects that have increased conversion rates and organic site traffic. She is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with a desire to improve efficiencies in any business process.

Prior to joining the Inbound AV team Kiley worked with several companies in fields spanning from Engineering, Healthcare to Banking and Real Estate. Her skill set allows her to be detail oriented in a fast-paced environment and customer-centric on any project.

Kiley Plett

Marketing Project Manager