About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Inbound AV,  your (hopefully) new marketing strategy and design partner. Our name pays special tribute to our roots and transformation from specialists in the recording industry to today’s full scale digital marketing agency.

We believe in developing game-changing marketing strategies for your business. From creative to technical solutions, we’re with you every step of the way as we work to grow your brand and help you achieve greater success than ever before. Sound good? Let’s get to work.

Meet Our Team

Peter Malick

Founder | CEO

Currently fending off kittens from unplugging his modem.

Madison Revell

Creative Director

Fueled by Orange Crush and Reese’s Pieces.

Grace Mathews

Director of Content

A lover of the written word who doesn’t know how to describe herself.

Project Managers  •  Mimie A  •   Aymará S  •  Designers  •  Gisela G  •  Edwin M  •  
Developers  •  Moon LM  •  Danyl M  • JP P  • Francisco I  •  
Content Writers  •  Grace M  •  Barry R  •  Anna R • Marketing Automation Consultant  • Pedro G • Cami L  • Amal L 

Project Managers 
Mimie A 
Aymará S

Gisela G
Edwin M

Moon LM
Danyl M
Francisco I

Content Writers
Grace M
Barry R
Anna R

Marketing Automation Consultant

Pedro G
Cami L
Amal L

More than
a company.

Diversity. Inclusion. These are the guiding principles in how we build our teams, cultivate our leaders and create our company. This ensures an environment that’s the right fit for our employees, the communities we serve, our customers and our suppliers.